Friday, September 18, 2015

Veggie Garden Covers

I feel like in the last 12 months we haven't had many veggies growing but particularly when I planted seedlings and within a few days the garden was empty and I can only assume the possums had their dinner every night in my garden.   I knew I needed some sort of cover however I didn't want to spend a lot of money so off we went to Bunnings and found the perfect system.  I system I bought comes with poles, clips and a big net called the "Crop Cage".  There are two different sizes in terms of netting and how many poles you get.  I bought the $49 one which did 2 square veggie gardens (8 poles in each...4 upright and 4 across the top) and I just cut my net into thirds.  My net was 3.6mt but there is also a 2.4m so make sure you read which one you pick up as some people can put them back on the shelf in the wrong spot.  The net stretches easily so what may look like the net is only half way to the ground can be pulled really easily.  I have one pole left out of this lot so I just need to get a few more for my 3rd veggie box.  I'm so pleased with this system because I just didn't know what to do about the seedlings being eaten and this way it also keeps the chickens out as well and with a hot summer around the corner they might have a little bit of diffused light so won't burn.


  1. Kathy, what do you use to hold the nets down? So that possums etc don't get up under it. Would it stretch far enough to place bricks around, for example?

    1. I bought a little packet of what look like plastic tent pegs that I just put through the net into the dirt. I think bricks would also work and the net is soft and springy so can easily be stretched. The system is designed also to be made in one long rectangle but I made mine to dig my individual veggie boxes. The packet of litte green tent peg things I think are part of the system but I paid for these separately they don't come with the box.

  2. that's great Kathy - hopefully that keeps those pesky possums away!!! Jan x