Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Interesting Internet Reads

Here are some internet reads for you so grab a cuppa and have a little read.

If you are into memory keeping I have downloaded this app called "1 Second Everyday" to record 2016.  Take a look at this amazing video. Who knew that 1 second would be all you needed to trigger a memory.  How how I wish I these little things when my kids were little however it's never too late to start now.

With the school holidays starting there appears to be more washing to be done and I don't mind pegging it all out with my fantastic organized system which I wrote about here.

We will have to make the New York Times 5 Minute No Knead Bread more while we are on holidays.

A post about the best sugar cookie recipe.

From Planning with Kids blog "5 shortcuts for entertaining so you can enjoy yourself too" and some recipes for home made gifts like Mango Chutney and a few other foodie items.

Since it's Christmas look at all these Christmas Lights on these houses.

With the New Year around the corner here are some inspiring Vision Board links.

Our family's favourite meal which I do a double batch in the slow cooker.

We will have to make some of these Gingerbread Men like last year thanks to Fiona's recipe.

Some lovely "yarn projects" from Elise.

How to clear that clutter from the kitchen benches...mine seem to be a magnet for anything and everything.

I hope you all have a Safe and Happy Christmas and thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and also for those who take the time to leave a comment, it's always a thrill to read them.  


  1. Thank you for these interesting links, Kathy - I will be off to check them out just as soon as I have wished you and Sienna and James a very Happy Christmas :).

    1. Thanks Alexa for always popping in and leaving such lovely comments, they are very much appreciated. Kathy

  2. thanks Kathy - I've been making the no knead bread with grated cheese - you add it in the morning when you are doing that quick knead before you bake and adding a little handful to the top before you put the lid on your pot - sensational!!! Happy New Year lovely xxx Jan x

  3. Loving these links Kathy, thanks for sharing.