Monday, September 5, 2016

Around Here

Around here things have been busy and I've been sick for the past month and I think I'm on the mend now diagnosed with pleurisy after yesterday's chest x-ray.  I've been taking it easy on and off and spending a couple of days laying in bed but still doing everything you have to do when you are the only adult around raising kids.  Over the past month we have had the pleasure of an international student from Japan staying with us and the kids and I have loved learning about life in Japan and showing her how us Aussies live.  Here's a few photos from the past month.

First day in Australia happened to be her birthday so I made a cake for her and she's never made a cake or seen one made as they don't have an oven at their home in Japan.

Sitting down to write stuff on the blackboard was a daily occurrence and learning new things.

Doing Origami together.

Showing off the Brisbane city skyline.

Doing some maths equations with James.

A game of scrabble after dinner.

Aunty Lisa (my sister) got a new bird and we went with her to pick Ziggy up from the pet shop.

James on his iPad on a Friday afternoon after school.

Family pic at our favourite local BBQ spot.

 Sienna loved having another person to cuddle.

Toasting marshmallows on the fire.

Jasmine in full bloom.

Home made pies and salad for dinner.

We walked to the local park after school and these two loved making up games to play.

Afternoon at the local park.

Making up stories and drawing on the blackboard in the hallway.

The AFL Season is over for another year and the trophies were handed out by our Local Member for Parliament. James 5th year with this club.

James made this car which was part of his school assignment which he got an A+ for.


  1. Great Photos Kathy looks like lots of fun going on at your place.

  2. What a wonderful education your children and your young guest are having - and especially when you are poorly yourself. Pleurisy takes it out if you, so I hope you'll be able to recuperate gently and for as long as you need.