Saturday, July 22, 2017

Around Here

Around here we are getting to the end of the football season in a few weeks time.  Still cooking lovely warm winter soups and recipes.  Hoping to order my photo book this week for the Week in the Life 2016 and loving reminiscing over the memories captured during that week.  Here's what's been happening in photos.

In the kitchen cooking.

Frying up some capsicum for a pasta sauce.

Friday night footy.

Weekend pancakes for breakfast.

In the kitchen rolling Anzac biscuits.

Unbelievably foggy morning in our neighbourhood.

Sienna and I out taking photos of the fog.

James was on the Channel 9 News on Friday night with the Qld Premier and Education Minister talking about the Robotics Program at the was his 2 seconds of fame.

Saturday footy game.

Just kicked the ball in time before the tackle.

Sienna making pikelets for afternoon tea.


  1. That was such a foggy morning, Kathy. It seemed to envelope the whole world in that misty grey. Meg:)

    1. Yes it was so weird...still to have that fog at 7.30 am