Sunday, June 30, 2013

Buttermilk Scones

I've found the lightest and fluffiest scones are the ones that have buttermilk in them so when it was another wet and cold day outside I decided we should make some scones for morning tea to warm us up.

I used this buttermilk recipe from Retro Mummy and I used the Thermomix however she has instructions for the normal method and if you are using a Thermomix.  This is a very wet sticky dough so you'll need to put a bit of flour on the board and on top so you can pat them down and cut your shapes.

Sienna gave me a hand cutting the scones using a wine glass because I can't find my plastic scone cutter.  If you want small even scones use a champagne flute and they come out beautifully however today we wanted larger scones and used the wine glass.  Just prior to making the shapes I moved the kitchen scales out of the way however there was a bread and butter plate on top of it and when I moved the scales it slid off over the counter and straight onto the tiled floor and smashed into about 1000 pieces, no joke.  The downfall to having a tiled floor.

If you haven't ever made scones with buttermilk I highly recommend you try it.  If you are wanting a recipe just google "buttermilk scones" and you'll find heaps of links if you want to have a look at different ones. 

Here's how our cooking looked this morning.

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  1. Scones are always a winner in this house. I make lemonade scones.