Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sticky Date Pudding Muffins & Butterscotch Sauce

Last week Emma posted this Sticky Date Pudding Muffins recipe which looked amazing including her photography.  All the ingredients are things you have in your pantry and fridge and we just happened to have dates as well which is my kind of recipe.  I really wanted to make this however didn't want to have 12 delicious Sticky Date Muffins in the house either (as I would eat them all) so decided to make them and take them on our family BBQ.

James with my help made the muffins and butterscotch sauce which I just left in the saucepan to transport to our BBQ so I could heat it up on our little gas burner.  The muffins were at room temperature but once you put the hot butterscotch sauce on top...well let me tell you it's just delicious.

When I was packing our things for the BBQ I grabbed out some paper plates for the dessert as it needed a lip for the sauce and I noticed that the only ones I had like that were Christmas Plates so we just called our dessert "Christmas in July Dessert".

The weather was funny yesterday and when I woke up at 7am it was raining and overcast so thought we would change the venue to our place however when I rang my brother in law to tell him it was sunny again.  By the time we were headed to our BBQ destination the sky was grey again however it's great to get outdoors and since it wasn't actually raining it all went ahead.

That was great for lunch however right after I had served up our Sticky Date Pudding Muffins with hot Butterscotch Sauce it started raining, not spitting but raining which mean we ate those beautiful desserts in about 2 minutes flat instead of taking our time to enjoy it slowly.  As you can see the kids took cover underneath the table to eat their puddings and were quite happy.  The verdict for the dessert (thanks Emma) is a 10 out of 10 from everyone.  The muffins are lighter than I thought they would be in terms of Sticky Date Pudding is so rich it can be heavy and make you feel a bit sick (from self indulging of course because it's so yummy) but these were beautiful and flavoursome and totally delicious. I think my favourite photo is the one of the kids underneath the picnic table to get out of the rain while they have their dessert.  Love it !


  1. Hi Kathy, the muffins look delicious! Thanks for your comment on my blog, funny to hear from someone in the opposite situation (waiting for the house OFF their site rather that ON). Thanks, Liz

  2. What a gorgeous location to devour such delicious looking desserts. Yum