Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding Happiness

On "Down to Earth" blog today Rhonda posted her thoughts on "Finding Happiness".  I think we all agree that there are times in our lives when we are extremely happy and times when we are not so happy and this is the way life is, with it's ups and downs.  Times for me being extremely happy were buying my first house, selling my first house to get another one to renovate, getting married, having my first baby and then my second baby and times that haven't been so happy were getting divorced because your husband won't stop having affairs and drinks excessively every night. Having to sell my dream family home and dealing with the aftermath of all of that.  Getting a phone call to say that your 17 year old brother was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene and he won't make it through the night all while you are away in another state for the weekend in 1989.  Finding out our friend's 8 year old daughter has Leukemia and passes away 6 months later in 2012.

These things are the "big" things of happiness and sadness and in between those things there are ranges of both however all of our happiness does not have to be "big" and can be small although I think sadness sometimes leans more towards big anyhow because of it's general nature.  Sure we can be sad that our favourite TV show is ending and there's not much on TV but it's not real sadness that's more disappointment.  Some days we have good days and some days we have bad days and other days we have days just in between.

There are things that I wish for now that would certainly make me happier like being 10 kgs lighter, having more money in the bank for the future and a reliable car which would all go towards making me happier.  However I don't want to be rich, but if that happened and I won lotto then I would be okay with that sort of rich.   As I don't put in Lotto that dream could be a problem with or without a ticket I think I have an equal chance!  I do know that money doesn't buy happiness however it would certainly help along the way if we had a little more of it but happiness comes from family, friends, experiences and moments.  With all of that in mind I have put together a group of photos of things that make me happy at this present time in our lives.


  1. lovely post Kathy...your photos are beautiful, do you use your phone or a proper camera?
    I've popped over from Down to earth blog, will pop you on my favourites to keep an eye on :)
    Check my new blog out if you have a chance,

  2. Hi Kathy, I found your blog from Down to Earth blog too. I think you have written about finding happiness and sadness very well and your photos are gorgeous. Your vegie garden looks very productive. My kids used to love watching Shaun the Sheep when they were younger, all three of us were in the lounge room at the same time the other day and watched it...made me wish my kids were younger (now 16&14) once more. Will be back to read your blog regularly.

  3. Hi Jan and Sharon, thanks for stopping by. As for Shaun the Sheep it is one of those amazing little shows that has something in it for children and adults. My favourite show was when the sheep all escaped and went to a dance in the town hall. All the girl sheep were dancing in a circle and all their handbags were in the middle of the circle in a pile. This totally cracked me up because this is what we used to do but my little kids wouldn't get that. That's why it is so universal and Sharon I bet if you put on pizza's and popped on 30 mins of Shaun the Sheep your teenagers would probably laugh about it. The fact that there is no talking yet you completely understand what these little sheep are doing are so funny.

    Jan all my photos are taken with my Canon 7D DSLR. Regards Kathy