Saturday, August 31, 2013

To iron or not to iron

There are lots of theories on ironing like, I hate ironing, the ironing pile keeps getting bigger, I don't iron, why bother ironing etc it's just going to get crushed anyway.  I've always been an iron-er, however I've been an "iron as you go kinda girl".  Iron the clothes you are going to wear that day in the morning.  Years ago I lived with a flatmate and he used to iron all his clothes on Sunday night while watching 60 minutes.  Lately I find myself ironing all the school uniforms while watching Landline at midday on a Sunday.

I have friends who don't iron kids clothes and friends who don't even iron school uniforms.  I also have friends who iron everything as well.  Everyone does what works best for their family and for me I'm happy for the kids to put an un-ironed t-shirt on to wear around the house however, if we are going out then it's an ironed one.  I just think it looks a whole lot smarter like I care about my kids and how they present themselves in public or visiting friends and relatives.

All school unforms, t-shirts etc. go straight onto an Ikea clothes hanger and onto the line and they dry like that.

Then there's the age old question about ironing pillow slips and tea towels. Before I had kids I ironed pillow slips as I hated the crushed pillowslips on the bed.  As for tea towels, they are the easiest things to iron because they are flat and have no pleats, sleeves, pockets or waistbands....tea towels are therapeutic to iron.  Have I used tea towels that haven't been ironed before, I most certainly have however there is something about getting a cleaned ironed tea towel out of the cupboard that makes me happy rather than a crushed one.  This is purely a personal choice and I don't mind if other people don't iron tea towels however when I did a post on "Finding Happiness" this is in fact one of the things that makes me happy.  A clean pile of ironed tea towels.  It's a simple thing but this little ritual makes me happy.

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  1. My daughter was an " happy ironer", but after baby number 2 she now has a pile of plastic coat hangers and all shirts etc. for everyone, get put on hangers to dry then put ironing, play or at home clothes get "shop" folded, so they look neat and tidy.