Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Around Here

I don't know about any of you however I'm getting pretty worn out now we've had 7.5 weeks of school holidays and I'm on duty 24/7.  I'm needing some quiet time to myself and space just to think and get this house back in order.  The heat hasn't helped things as I find it's too hot to take the kids out on 33 degree days so we stay inside and keep cool.  Today thankfully is a little drizzly with rain so it's nice but it's still very humid and I'm over the heat to be honest.  With that all out of the way I thought I would post a few pictures of what's been going on around here.  Veggies, Biscuits, Kite Flying and 2nd hand magazines.

This is our first cucumber off our vine and we are very happy hence Sienna's "cucumber smile"

Sienna standing next to the growing corn.

Our corn is higher than the fence now.

I know there is a world wide shortage of bees but was pleasantly surprized to find 4 bees on top of my corn.  I'm not sure whether I should be happy about this or not?

Sienna and I baked some Anzacs this morning which is our staple biscuit in this house.

I picked up these 9 magazines for $1 each at the local Yarn Shop.  It is a UK magazine and generally I like to buy Australian magazines as the stories are more relevant to our climate however it was about "Slow and Simple Living" and the photography was great and lots of stories to match.  It's divided into 3 times in the day, Dawn, Day and Dusk.  I  loved reading the story on the Baker in the UK and their family has been Bakers for a few generations and they make their Sourdough Bread using a Sour Dough Starter that is 57 years old which has been handed down within the family.

James and Sienna enjoying some home made popcorn cooked in a pot on the stove with Coconut Oil and posing for this funny snap.

James trying out his new Kite which was a Christmas Present from a friend with Sienna being his trusty assistant.  I didn't take them to the park until 5pm as it was still too hot before that.

Up up and away.

I love a good kite against a bright blue sky.


  1. We make our popcorn wt cocnut oil too - just the best :). And I am a reader of the Simple Things magazine too - glad you liked it. Hoping they, despite their delightfulness, are off to school soon, and you can get a breather!

    1. Tuesday is a big day for us with the new school and I'll probably come home make a coffee and enjoy the quietness and miss them at the same time. Kathy

  2. You got a great deal with the magazines Kathy. That one sells for over $12.00 each here! Our temperatures are the negative of your right now. -36C today!

    1. Julie the mags are obviously read first so second hand and I didn't mind because I got 9 for $9 instead of usually 1 magazine from the newsagent for $9. I don't drink or smoke so I do indulge in gardening type magazines but it's good to know $9 was a bargain if they are normally $12 each. I was in the Yarn Shop looking for wool to crochet and the one we picked out was actually a Canadian yarn which was quite funny given where the book came from. Regards Kathy PS...I can't imagine -36c crazy........although we have had two 33 degree days in a row with high humidity and it's a killer. I'm dreading the next power bill as it's going to be shocker.

  3. Sienna cracks me up - you can't help but smile back at her photos! I'm so impressed with your garden it's doing so great. I need to start thinking about my own again this year

  4. Look at your wonderful veggie garden! Your corn looks like it's thriving there.
    We have a kite just like that one, but we can't make it fly- it just nose bombs. I wish I knew what we were doing wrong with it. Looks like you've got yours flying well!

  5. Hey Kathy,
    I'm hearing you loud and clear on the cherubs returning to school this week :) and like you I will miss mine when she goes but I'm keen to get this house into order and back into my routine!! :D