Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Home Made Pasta

The other day Brenda from 13 Acres posted this wonderful story about her family making pasta and the food looked so great that I wanted to get a bowl of it myself and eat it.  We've made pasta a few times but not very often and after seeing Brenda's post decided I had to make some pasta yesterday to go with the Spaghetti Bolognese we were having for dinner.  The few times we have made it I felt it was too rubbery and lots of it stuck together so this time without the help of the children so I could get it right, set about to make the pasta thinner and I dried it on the tea towel for an hour or so before cooking it.

I mixed up the dough in the Thermomix however you don't need one of these to make pasta as Rhonda from Down to Earth explains here.  My pasta machine was $15 from Kmart has has just 2 settings being fettucini and spaghetti which is fine for us and of course you can make lasagne sheets as well.

I didn't have time to take the eggs out of the fridge before I made it but went ahead with it anyway.  The pasta was actually so much better because it was thinner and none of it stuck together in the pot and the kids gave it the thumbs up.  So for dinner we had home made pasta, home made Bolognese and home made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for dessert.  It all felt pretty good really.  Thrilled that I had another go at this as the pasta is great and as I didn't make the whole recipe I put the rest of it in cling wrap in the fridge and will make it up today.  I plan on letting the pasta dry for a bit and then wrapping them in nest like balls and into the freezer for those quick dinners.  I always have Bolognese in the freezer as I usually double or triple my batch when I'm making it.  It's one of our family favourites in our house as you can tell from Sienna in the last photo enjoying her dinner. 


  1. Love the way this builds up to that great final photo!

  2. A brilliant set of photos :-)

    I have had a pasta machine tucked away in the cupboard for TWO years now and we have never used it. I will have to dig it out and put it into action.

  3. yum, looks divine. you are a clever lady! x

  4. A completely homemade dinner and dessert - that's just perfect! Love that last photo of Sienna :)

  5. Looks very nice! Our pasta machine is due to be dug out of the cupboard as well :)

  6. Love the story that you tell - the photos are fantastic. I have no desire at all to make pasta (too messy) but my partner has always wanted to do it. your post has reminded me of his desire, and maybe I should make it a date one night - a pasta making, cooking and eating date!

    1. A date night making pasta sounds like a great night. Pop some music on grab a glass of wine and I'd say it would be a fun night in. Kathy