Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Home Made Turkish Pide

We simply call this Turkish Bread in our family however I believe the correct name is Turkish Pide.  I've made this once before however I've used a different recipe this time and with James assisting me we made two loaves today.  We make focaccia bread in this household which is very similar however the Turkish Pride bread has a few more steps in the beginning.  It takes two hours and thirty minutes to make and most of that time is in the "proving" so the actual total probably about 15 minutes however because it's stretched over two and a half hours it seems like a long time.  I suggest you start making this as soon as you wake up so you can have it at lunch time.

I did mine using the Thermomix Recipe however here is a recipe that you make if you don't have a Thermomix.  This dough is extremely sticky and difficult to cut into two to place over two trays.  Once it lands on the baking paper there is no moving it so aim your bowl in the middle of the baking paper which is already on your tray that you are going to put in the oven.  It is soft and sticky and we both used our fingers to shape the dough.  When I'm making focaccia bread I drizzle some olive oil on top so I can spread it out and shape it without having the dough stick to my fingers however this one needed an egg wash so I couldn't do that.  Just be prepared for sticky fingers in a big way but in the end you will have a lovely homemade Turkish Bread to eat. YUM!!

Here's the dough after it has risen for an hour and then knocked down.

It is then stretched out onto the baking paper (parchment paper USA readers).  This needs to rest with a tea towel over it for 30 minutes.

An egg wash goes on top along with poking your fingers into the bread which was a lot of fun and then topped with sesame seeds.  I think I'll get some black ones next time I'm at the bulk food store.

James very pleased with himself ready for it to go in the oven.

Straight out of the oven and looking pretty good and smelling even better. 

An overview of the top.

Feel like a slice, me too.

And two happy kids enjoying homemade Turkish Pide Bread.  Mission complete!


  1. Your pide looks wonderful! I have printed the recipe from the link which you provided to make in the next week or so.
    It looks like the pide is a big hit with your children.

  2. I am always so impressed at how your children are so involved in cooking and growing things - they are having such a great childhood!

  3. That bread looks wonderful Kathy!! I love how much you involve your children, you are giving them skills for life!! Maybe we could hook my daughter up with your son, match made in heaven!! lol :D Jan x