Monday, March 24, 2014

A Trip to the Farmers Organic Market

The weekend before last I took the kids to the Northey Street City Farmers Markets which I haven't been to in many years.  First up I got the kids an "orange juice" ice block each and I had a freshly squeezed orange juice drink which was lovely.  Then as we wandered around the market which is so very "hippy" and I felt quite out of place as we looked for fresh fruit and veggies.  I really wanted to purchase my weekly fruit and veggies however I went from stall to stall and the price was just so over the top, about double the normal price that I didn't really get what I went for.

We did however buy a beautiful turkish bread, some organic lamb shanks from Silverwood Organics at half price because things were a bit slow that day, two tiny butternut pumpkins and when I say tiny, about 10 cm long which is perfect to cut in half and roast as I'm the only one that likes pumpkin in this household.  We did buy about 20 little apples for the school lunches which were half the size of an egg, but very suitable for the kids lunch boxes.

As much as I wanted to buy my weekly veggies at the markets instead of the supermarket, it was just so expensive and I couldn't justify it even when were were right there.  I left feeling disappointed because I couldn't really support the people that grew the produce because it was double what I pay at the supermarket and it's not affordable for this little family.  I don't think I will be going back there any time soon.

On the topic of Farmers Markets remember I wrote a post about our local community event for our suburb a little while back which had an "Ideas Clothesline" and Farmers Markets were on the top of the list that people requested.  Hopefully in the coming year we will have our own local Farmers Market that we can support and visit.

Our community launch event for our suburb.

The "Ideas Clothesline" for our suburb.  We had a "Town Hall Meeting" two weeks ago to discuss the top requested ideas and how our suburb can move forward to make some of these things happen.  We had about 100 people come to the meeting which was great.


  1. Organic food can be so expensive can't it? Hopefully you'll get your own markets soon (and they'll have prices you can afford)- Lucky you have a great little veggie patch as well!

  2. It's so very disheartening isn't it Kathy. We had an organic online produce store open near our town so I went in guns a blazing wanting to 1) eat organic and 2) support local and the boxes of mixed vegies & fruit (no choice) was $85. I just couldn't justify that for our one income family as I'd need one each week. I do our total fortnightly shop for less than $350 and given we grown all our own vegies it just wasn't viable. It has since closed down :( Maybe it's a sign for you to sit down and get a growing plan for your vegie garden and get it working for you and get the kids to do the work with you ;) Jan x

  3. I felt the same the first time I went to our local farmers market - it was more like an artisan market than farmers market - everything was super pricey too

  4. It is a difficult one, especially on a restricted budget.
    On the other hand, it is an incentive to keep on growing our own "organic" fruit and vegetables as much as we can. And connect with some like minded neighbours to share when we have plenty.