Thursday, March 13, 2014

Finished Rag Quilt

I finished doing the cutting/snipping of James Rag Quilt last night so I could wash and dry it today and give it to him this afternoon.  I was very excited to give it to him and he was exciting to be receiving it this afternoon. He absolutely LOVED it and gave me lots and lots of kisses and cuddles and can't wait to use it.  His Quilt is slightly shorter than Sienna's quilt as it's more manageable however with Sienna's Quilt as I had the cut fabric out already I just added it onto the end of her Quilt to make it longer other wise the spare fabric would have ended up in the sewing basket.  I love how the Quilts are both so different and love how they both love that I made them.  It gave me a big thrill this afternoon to give James his Quilt and here are a few photos where he had to shut his eyes and this time Sienna brought it out and put it in front of him and I took the photos.  You can see Sienna getting her Birthday Rag Quilt here.


  1. It's lovey Kathy! It looks so snuggly too and the perfect timing for the cooler weather that'll be on the way soon!

  2. p.s- i've been meaning to ask how your sister is getting on?

    1. She is good and her treatment starts in 2 weeks so no doubt that she will not be feeling the best once that starts. Thanks for asking. Kathy

  3. Oh...your children are so sweet...I can't believe how much a homemade with love rag quilt gave're one smart mum:)

  4. Perfect - you can tell they're both going to treasure their quilts for a long time to come