Friday, March 20, 2015

Letter of Reply

A little while ago I posted the story of why I was writing a letter to the Queen of England and this week I received a reply from Buckingham Palace...YES....amazing.  Official Buckingham Palace stationery and post marked from Buckingham Palace.  I was so excited to receive a letter back and what a delightful letter (it's the only way to describe it).  We know that the Queen's Senior Correspondent Officer wrote the letter on behalf of the Queen and not the Queen herself however it is a beautiful letter taking time to relay the story in such a beautiful way and wish James well in his school presentation.  It was such a buzz even getting the letter back this week even though they do not have the invitation in their archives.  I will now get onto Perth and have a go there but this was the highlight of my week (given James fractured his collar bone and wrist this week, more on that later).

Here is a copy of the letter from Buckingham Palace.

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