Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Around Here

Around her footy training is in full swing, Sienna went on her school camp today for 3 days, and I've found I haven't picked up the camera too much.  So here's a few things from our life.

Off to school camp to a farm stay camping in tents and thankfully they are actually under shelter so it doesn't matter if it rains which it did as their bus was leaving this morning.

Looking outside James bedroom window.

Afternoon light and shadows while sorting out the washing.

Nearly to the bottom of the pile.

My friend helped me tidy up my pantry as it was in need and normally I do it on my own however she had just done hers and was inspired to help me so I jumped at the chance for a catch up.

Writing letters to Nanny and Pop to be posted to Melbourne.

My sister Lisa patting Lucy the Cockatoo at Maleny.  She was so soft and loved being patted.

In the Aviary at Maleny this bird is eating a peanut.

Wandering through the lovely gardens at Maleny.  I'll do a separate post on this place with more photos later.

James and Sienna with the Glasshouse Mountains in the background.

More stunning views.


  1. Great photos up at Maleny, we were up there on Sunday for a nice breakfast and we keep meaning to go to the gardens so maybe we should get up there again soon.

    1. A lovely location and you can pack a picnic lunch and bring it. It would be lovely in winter as we were there on a really hot day. There is an entrance fee for the gardens and one for the Aviary but totally worth it as you stay in the Aviary for 45-50 mins. Kathy

  2. I hope Sienna enjoyed the camping and you didn't miss her too much xxx

  3. What stunning places you bring us on your blog! The sharpness of your bird-eating-a-peanut is wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the pics of Maleny, we planned to visit for the day on the way back from Caloundra, but we had to head straight for home early on the Friday morning as the cyclone was bearing down on the coast, the road was cut at Beerwa as early as 8am so we just got back on the M1 and managed to mostly stay ahead of the heavy rain. I am planning to go back up the coast soon, so look forward to exploring Maleny then.
    Hope Sienna enjoyed camp, most kids love camp but complain about the food !
    Tomorrow is World Happiness Day, so hope you all have a fun day together.

  5. I hope Sienna had a fantastic time on her camp. Your pantry looks fantastic Kathy, what a wonderful friend to come by and help you organise yours. Lovely photos of Maleny, we must get up there for a visit again looks like a great place. :)