Sunday, February 12, 2017

Around Here - Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) Version

Last week we went to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to see the current exhibitions they have.  GOMA is celebrating 10 years and is such a great space.  It's free, air-conditioned (great in this summer heatwave) and has great things to see and do.  A few years ago they had the "Finches" on display and we saw them then and we wanted to see them again.  The display has lots of wire coat hangers looped together and little nests.  You get to go in for 5 minutes to see the birds.  As a teenager I had a few finches so loved seeing them.  The white lego interactive display was a big hit with the kids where they spent about an hour making things.  They also got to go on the slide from the top floor down to the bottom floor among other things.  One of the weird things was the giant lady in a bed.  You can see by the size of the normal adults in the picture how big this display was.  It was so life like but really weird to see up close.  It's so great to have such an amazing free community space for kids and adults to enjoy.  Here's a few photos from our afternoon.