Sunday, February 19, 2017

Best Pizza Base Recipe

I've written about this pizza base recipe before and since I made it again on Saturday night I wanted to write about it again.  It's super simple and really tasty without the yeasty flavour you sometimes get.  I made two pizzas and this time had two bowls and made one full recipe in each bowl.  Previously I've made this recipe and stretched it over two pizza bases however I feel like it's better if you use one recipe and make one pizza base. 

I used a mixture of tomato and BBQ sauce as the base then put red kidney beans on top with some capsicum (I just had a little tin in the cupboard so I didn't even have to chop it up).  I then sprinkled some crumbled feta, bocconcini and tasty cheese on top and finished with some dried Italian herbs.  It was so delicious I will be making this again.  It's a nice change from ham on a pizza I think and the kids loved it.  You can find the recipe here on my blog.  Here's a few pictures to wet your appetite.

Two bowls to make two pizza bases.

Pizza dough ready for toppings.

Toppings on ready for the pizza oven.

Straight from the pizza oven so yummy.

Up close the crust was perfect.

Now to divide it up between everyone.


  1. That's looks delicious, Kathy. The beans are a great idea! Meg:)