Sunday, February 22, 2015

Around Here

Around here there have been lots of things going on so I'll let the pictures do the talking however first up take a look at this wonderful story about getting honey on tap.  An article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald this past weekend about this father and son team from Canberra have been working on this invention for the past ten years and think they've got it ready to market.  Their crowd fund raising campaign started this morning and they wanted to raise $70,000 and already the funds raised are $1,197,034 USD and the day is not finished.  I would want one of these in my own back yard.

***just an update on how much money has been raised a day later since I posted this, it's now $2,306,227.  I think anyone with bee hives would want one of these and anyone without bee hives would want one of them also.  What a great response for these two Aussie guys.

The Bee story was on Channel 10's The Project last night and this morning (start of day 4) their fund raising is now over $3 million. Clearly they are onto a winner product and I wish them all the very best with the project.

Here's what's been going on around our place.

Our little lizard came out in the wet for a run around the back yard.

The corn is coming along and I know Sienna and I will be in heaven when we get this on our dinner plates.

Some Saturday morning chilling while it's raining outside.

Here's Bluey chilling in his cage and loving his little mirror.

James chilling playing the guitar and those Christmas decorations are now finally put away yesterday.

A pretty sky after the rain the other night.

Sienna had a little birthday party yesterday afternoon with her school friends as she turn 9 on Friday.

The girls all made their own skewers with grapes, strawberries and marshmallows and then I put chocolate on them and we put them in the fridge while they played a game and then they were ready to eat...yum, yum and a great easy party activity.

The corn glowing in the late afternoon light.

A letter I am sending to Queen of England's Private Secretary...true story...more on that later.

Box Girl is still going strong and has some updated coloured hair and a change of clothes.  This creation has stood the test of time as Sienna made her about 8 months ago.

Aunty Lisa (my sister) prepared a book for Sienna on how to look after her new little budgie.

A chocolate brownie that I made but it wasn't moist enough for me however we still ate it all.

Some biscuits I made the other day.


  1. Great photo round up those skewers look yummy and a great activity for the kids

  2. Ohhh now i wanna know why are you sending her a letter!! lol

  3. you can't do that about the letter Kathy!!!!! hahaha great post, love love love the honey story!!! Jan x

  4. Wow so much to catch up on! Sienna's budgie is very cute - I always wanted one as a kid but all I was allowed was a goldfish!

  5. What a lovely little bird, so cute. Happy Birthday Sienna.
    Just a quick tip, every few days, take the cage seed feeder outside and shut your eyes and BLOW hard on the seed, you will be amazed how much "seed" is actualy husks, left over as the bird eats. It is easy for them to be malnourished or starving because it looks like there is plenty of seed when you top it up.
    Do you have a family member turning 100 soon ?

    1. Thanks Margaret, I have been blowing the bird seed and it's fairly messy and is going up my nose......I put my glasses on so at least it didn't go in my eyes. No, we don't have anyone in our family turning 100 although some days I feel like that. (ha ha)....