Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recipes from the blog

Since it's school holiday time I thought I would go through some of our favourite recipes that I've posted on the blog previously and gather a few of them in the one place.

Our favourite Pizza Base recipe.

Home made Rustic Olive Oil Crackers these are so easy.

New York Times No Knead Bread always a winner.

Raspberry Lemon Muffins....OMG these are amazing.

Home made Granola.

Lasagne & Sticky Date Muffins with Butterscotch sauce.

Our family favourite Chocolate Coconut Slice.

Chicken & Leek Pies my kids love these as do I.

Rhonda from Down to Earth Home Made Biscuits recipe.

Brownies & Pizza Scrolls.

Home made Dumplings recipe from Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial blog.

Apple & Cinnamon Cake from Kate Berry of The Lunch Lady blog.

Swedish Meatballs although they take a little time to mix and roll them this recipe will not disappoint.

Home made pasta recipe.

Irish Soda Bread and this one is a must with the herbed butter with fresh herbs....makes all the difference.

Home made baked beans which we make and freeze in small containers.  We have been making this recipe for about a year and a half now and we love them.  I don't buy any tinned baked beans from the supermaket any more.

Making home made Turkish Bread is very satisfying and with all bread you need to factor in time. Think of the end result (ie for lunch or dinner) and work backwards to start your recipe.

Home made Yoghurt is great for the kids and they also like to mix in some fresh berries.

This Apple Slice Recipe is from my Mother In Law and OMG it is AMAZING.  The recipe looks like a lot of instructions but it is so easy and tasty try this one for your next morning tea or dessert.  It uses a big tin of apples so you don't even have to peel them and cook them, too easy.

Make your own Vanilla Extract, so easy and I haven't bought any since late 2013.

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe ever, just put all the ingredients in a mix for 5 mins.

Home made Tortilla recipe.

Seeded Crispbread recipe.

Buttermilk Scones for afternoon tea....these are quick to make and soft and fluffy.

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese made with turkey mince which has a nice rich flavour.

Five Seed Bread is great for toast for breakfasts and very healthy too.


  1. Thanks for sharing all these goodies. I am looking forward to trying your turkish bread recipe.

  2. Hi Kathy - that chocolate and coconut slice of yours is so wickedly evil!!!! I've bookmarked lots of these to try soon, especially keen to try the Turkish pide, the dumplings and the chocolate cake!! Your 5 seed bread is awesome!!!! Thanks Jan x

  3. What an excellent idea - so many new recipes to try!!

  4. I made the Swedish meatballs and they were so GOOD! I only made half a batch unsure of allspice and nutmeg but it was wonderful. I will make more tonight since there wasn't enough to go around feeding 3 adult children, myself and my husband.