Sunday, October 18, 2015

Around Here

Around here we are have been camping in the school holidays.  We went to the Toowoomba Flowers with my family and have been generally hanging around the house.

 Our camp set up at Thunderbird Park and you can see some cooking we did here.

Sitting around the campfire.

Toasting marshmallows for breakfast, yes this is considered breakfast food when camping.

My twist on the Bacon & Egg McMuffin for breaky.

 The kids did the fabulous 3 hour Tree Top Adventure and paid for it with their pocket money.

James set up with all the gear.

Sienna on the high ropes.

Making toasted sandwiches for lunch together while making up silly songs and singing them.

Sienna added some funny glasses to the mix.

Evening sunset at the side of our house, love the reflection in the garage window.

Daisy & Diamond free ranging.

Cobb & Co Museum in Toowoomba at dusk.

Queens Park in Toowoomba with the beautiful show of flowers.

More flowers from Queens Park, looks like a monet art work.

A view from above Queens Park, Toowoomba.  The history of the Carnival of Flowers is here.


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  2. I bet that bacon and egg muffin is way better than anything you could get from Macca's! And your chookies look like very happy girls allowed to free range x

  3. Beautiful photos Kathy :) Jan x I'd go one of those muffins right now thanks!!

  4. What a lovely photo of you! (and them, of course, that goes without saying). And how wonderful that they are learning the value of saving and choosing wisely and enjoying ...