Sunday, May 1, 2016

Around Here

Around here there has been football, home made food, crafts and cubby houses.

Home made pizza using this pizza base recipe.

Watching you tube videos in Sienna's cubby house made of sheets in her room.

AFL in full swing for the season.

These are the best home made fluffy soft bread rolls ever recipe here.

James at footy.

Polishing James school shoes....I remember as a kid we used to do this every Sunday night.

James and Sienna playing in the backyard.

Watching her brother at Tuesday night footy training.

Sienna's crafting activities currently making these little crochet bears.

Kids being silly in the this pic.

James relaxing with his guitar.

Jumping on the trampoline having fun.

Doing some history homework with a clay pot.


  1. Hi Kathy!
    Ahh, that pizza looks just lovely! :) And your pictures in this post are so beautiful. It's so nice to see how close James and Sienna are. The same kind of closeness I see between my two teenage girls. It's such a treasure. :)

    I'm so glad I found your blog. Take care. :)


    1. Thanks for your lovely words....nice to have a new reader too. Kathy

  2. yummo pizza. Love you photos what a great snapshot of time.

  3. Great to see a growing boy with clay and a guitar in his hands...I think it's so important to foster the creative side of children:) Your pizza photo has me wishing I was having that for dinner!