Saturday, June 11, 2016

Around Here

Around here I have made a sourdough starter and sourdough bread...some good results...some not so good.  Here's a few pics.

James at footy last week and their team won which was great.

After school at the park.

After school at the park.

After school guitar playing.

After school painting.

First sourdough loaf.

Happy with the result.

At the park with the scooter and skates.

A bit of Polar Express jumping on top of the train.

Sunset at the park.

Early game out at Amberley which is 1.5 hrs drive...luckily they won and made the trip worth it.

Early morning at Amberley, crisp air at 7.20 am rugged up and some pretty light for me.


  1. Gee that sourdough looks good, well done!

  2. Beautiful individual shots of James and Sienna... amazing blue eyes. I'm going to give making sourdough a go...yours looks great.

  3. You should be very proud of that bread it looks great.