Saturday, July 30, 2016

Breakfast Seed Muffins - Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Nut & Preservative Free

I recently came across a new to me Australian blog called "Cut out the Crap" by Collette with her story into healthy eating here.  She has a whole host of recipes and the other day I made Breakfast Seed Muffins.  I didn't want to go to the shop and discovered I actually had all the ingredients for the recipe including the 3 tablespoons of orange juice (half an orange) which was amazing because we always have apples in our house and not oranges so I was thrilled when I discovered I had some. I turned the oven on and got about to starting the recipe only to discover it said "brown rice flour" and I thought......I don't have any and I didn't want to go to the shop.  I remembered that my Thermomix mills flour (never done it before) and I had brown rice in the cupboard so 2 minutes in the Thermomix and I had my brown rice flour....I seriously felt like I was so clever.  Here is the link to the recipe.

Getting back to the recipe, it's a very runny liquid type of mixture which made 13 muffins and takes 30 minutes to cook.  It basically tastes like a carrot cake and has a very similar walnut taste of a normal carrott cake because of the sunflower seeds and pepita seeds (pumpkin seeds) which has a lovely crunch.  I will absolutely be making these again.  You can have them cold or warm...I cut mine in half and spread some butter on it and it's so delicious.  I've popped the rest of them into the freezer so I can take out one a day for morning or afternoon tea.  I highly recommend making these and are a great "grab and go breakfast" snack because it has so much goodness in it.  I made mine with a red apple as I don't buy green apples so didn't have any and it was fine.  If you are looking for a healthy treat or an "on the go" breakfast, morning or afternoon tea make some of these.  Here's some pics from my baking.

My carrotts were on their last legs as they were "bendy" not crisp but great for this recipe.

My brown rice in the Thermomix ready to do my first "flour milling"

2 minutes later freshly milled brown rice flour.

Some of the ingredients.

More of the ingredients.

Ready from the oven I made 13 muffins.

Look how delicious they are.

Yum....healthy, tasty and delicious goodness....gluten, dairy, soy, nut and preservative free.


  1. They do look great! It's nice to discover new recipes too.

  2. Thanks for sharing Kathy. I have recently changed to a whole food, vegetarian diet so these will fit in perfectly.

  3. They look delicious! I'm off to drag out my Thermomix and raid my pantry. I have an orange...unusual in our house too...obviously it's been sitting in the fruit bowl waiting to find its way into these muffins. Thanks for sharing recipe. I love new recipes! Meg:)

    1. Let me know if you end up making them....the Thermomix recipe cookbook has the instructions to mill the flour in the first section. It's the book that comes with it (the older Thermomix).

  4. These look good -and nothing better than having all the ingredients already.