Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Around Here 2017

Around here we have taken down the Christmas decorations and are still very much in holiday mode although the heat is taking it's toll and you don't feel like doing much when it's so hot.  I've taken the kids to a nearby park a couple of times which they love to get out of the house.  We also had a lovely day trip to Rainbow Bay and the water was so lovely.

This park is loads of fun for the kids.

Glad my 13 year old still loves going to the park.  

This one loves any outdoor activity.

Chilling out on holidays with You Tube videos.

Chilling out in her room where she made a chubby house with sheets and is watching a DVD on her new portable DVD player that Santa got her.

At Woollies shopping for a new kettle with me.

Keeping cool in the hot weather.

Sienna has lost 2 teeth in two weeks....she's getting richer by the day.

I made some mini quiches for New Years Eve get together with my family.

Our family Christmas Cake is made by my Mum and my sister.

James got these fabulous speakers with water in them that when the music is played the bubbles go up and down and light up...they are really cool.


  1. Hi Kathy. James' speakers are very cool and my son would love them! We are in holiday mode too and I've only just finished saying to my hubby that I really don't want to give these holiday days up yet...we've mainly stayed close to home since returning from Straddie but I love those kinds of days that just unfold without needing to go anywhere. Meg:)

    1. Me too Meg...we love chilling at home too.

  2. I've never seen speakers like that - wow! I had to smile at your opening few lines: the words "taking down Christmas decorations" and "the heat is taking its toll" would never be heard in the same breath over here! We're in storm-force gale and about-to-have-snow mode. I always have to do a double-take ... That's a beautifully smooth-topped Christmas cake - very skilled.

    1. I'm in a photography group and most of the people are in the USA and my pictures are of summer holidays and they are knee deep in snow. Not only are we in opposite seasons..we do not get snow in Brisbane so come winter it's not like your winter. Some days in winter it can be 23 degrees and a low of 5 is cold for me.

  3. yeah, it seems like there is lot of fun out there in the park:) I just checked all the images you shared and i must say that all are fantastic and beautiful.