Monday, October 16, 2017

Taking Stock - October 2017

I thought I would do one of these taking stock posts this month.

Making: A video of Sienna jumping on the trampoline doing back flips.

Cooking: Healthy meals from scratch and making extra to freeze for the following week.

Reading: Tutorials on how to make family video films. 

Wanting: To live on acreage not too far from here.

Deciding: On spending an hour a day cleaning out the garage for the next few weeks.

Wishing: I was on a plane going overseas on a world trip instead of/or with my sister.

Hoping: That I get through the month of October without having any diet coke.

Enjoying: The rain which has turned our brown grass into beautiful green lawn.

Loving: That I am a Mum to two amazing kids. 

Listening: To the Today Show each morning.

Buying:  Birthday presents for James who turns 14 at the end of November.

Watching: The Block, Doctor Doctor, The Wrong Girl, Landline and Gardening Australia.

Marvelling: At Sienna's persistence in learning how to do a proper back flip on the trampoline.

Needing: To go to sleep earlier each night.

Smelling: The jasmine in the backyard which is flowering at the moment.

Admiring: People who are great at putting together family video films.

Opening: The box over the weekend with our new Aldi TV in it. 

Feeling: Like this year has gone by too fast.

Dreaming: Of winning lotto (I only buy about 3 tickets a year lotto though!)

Celebrating: Getting featured on "Self Portraits of Motherhood" blog.

Pretending: That my housework is done every week to perfection.

Embracing: Good days and bad days. 


  1. Hi Kathy loved reading your list...have to admit I am also watching the block for the first time in the pic of you and the kids with the mountain in the all look very happy :-)

    1. Thanks Suzie...this year's block has been epic....

  2. That's a lot of taking stock!
    I love the look of your acerage, keep visualising it will be yours :)
    I for one have given up on housework, it's always there, it never ends, there's far more interesting things to be doing, I'll get around to it eventually ;)