Monday, November 20, 2017

Around Here

Around here we are getting into the Christmas spirit.  Each year we put up the Christmas tree on the last weekend in November however as it's James birthday it always seems so rushed and I'm usually having the family over for a BBQ so there's cleaning the house making a cake and enjoying the birthday so this year I decided to put it up mid November and I'm really pleased I did.  It's nice to have the twinkle lights and house in the festive spirit so this will be our new tradition.  Here's a few pics of what's been going on around here.

I love our aqua silver and blue Christmas decorations.

Putting all the hooks on the decorations.

The tree is now complete so time for a family photo.  They both insisted they keep their socks on!!

Washing on the line on a beautiful sunny day.

Dinner sweet potato mash with beans and chicken.

They keep getting taller month by month....

About to cook some bacon and eggs for breakfast.

His down time.

Her down time.

She jumps on the trampoline every afternoon doing back flips.

Last Music Concert for the year and last one for primary school as Music proud of her.


  1. A lovely tree, I like the colour of the baubles very much. Smiled when I saw the height measurements on the wall, we have a wall marked like that in our kitchen too. They grow so fast! Meg:)

    1. We've been in this house for 6.5 years but I only started measuring them about 4 years ago...I wished I had started the day we moved in but I'm still amazed at how much they are growing.

  2. Love the tree and sepecially the great job you are obviously doing with your family. Our tree is mainly gold and white this year.

    1. Gold and White decorations are always so lovely too.

  3. Love that last photo, your daughter looks so happy. My daughter is a few years behind and she just had her music night. I am amazed at what they are achieving at such a young age and at how fast they are growing too! My Mum has a wall like that at her place for all 5 grandkids. Love it!

    1. I's amazing what the kids are learning these days..I haven't got a musical bone in my body however I love listening to their music.