Thursday, February 22, 2018

Around Here

Around her I'm loving a bit of rain and the change in weather....the heat...OMG the heat this summer was shocking so all I can say is bring on Autumn.  Here's a few pics of what's been going on around here.

Bluey enjoying the view to the backyard.

A bit of "freelensing" photographic technique I was having a go at on my faux tulips.

Another pic of same flowers.

Again this is a moody arty pic not meant to be in focus.

We love the huge flowering Bougainvillea up the road from our place.

We are still enjoying the jam drops I made recently.  Here's the recipe.

A family self portrait taken at GOMA....they had cameras on the floor.

This was all mirrored and a rather crazy exhibit with we had to wait 30 mins to view and were in there for about 3 mins.

Rainbow light shining onto the kitchen back splash.

Afternoon painting activities.


  1. Love that self portrait! I like to the way you've captured Sienna's concentration as she paints. Meg:)

    1. Thanks Meg she is always creating things. Last Sunday she spent half a day on making a lolly dispenser out of a cup and cardboard and a packet of nerds lollies. She even had it spring loaded using the spring from inside a pen.

  2. Lovely photos Kathy...I really love the soft fuzzy pics of the tulips and Sienna among the bougainvillea..she's beautiful x

  3. That's a wonderfully moody shot of Sienna against the bourgainvillea - looks as if she's in a film ... I like your tulip shots too. The difference in our seasons always gets to me - here, we've had temperatures of minus 11 centigrade, huge snow drifts and blizzards and winds of 60 mph. I can't ever imagine a summer that would be too hot for me!

    1. same here..I can't imagine snow when we live in a hot place