Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Traditions

A number of years ago I used to participate in a photo project called "December Daily" by Ali Edwards where you document a story a day for the month of December leading up to Christmas Day.  I loved doing this project and taking photos of our Christmas activities we did like making Christmas pom poms, baking gingerbread men, seeing the Christmas Lights, writing out Christmas Cards to name a few things.

Back then we were at a private school so the kids finished about the 3rd of December so we had four weeks of holidays at home for this lovely Christmas project.  It was such a beautiful time and I really miss the four weeks of our Christmas activities.  The kids aren't at a private school now so they finish mid December so they are in school up until 2 weeks before Christmas and also the kids now spend one week with me and one week with the ex so there aren't a lot of days at home with the kids leading up to Christmas.  I'm so thankful I had these days with them when they were small and Christmas was so magical for us.  I haven't done a December Daily in over 4 years so and I really miss it so I thought I would go through my earlier projects and post a few photos from 2011.  So thankful I can look back at these cherished Christmas activities with my kids as they mean everything to me.  Here's a trip down memory lane to December 2011.  I hope you enjoy seeing these photos.

Putting up the Christmas Tree with my sister - our family tradition.

Our favourite Christmas Lights complete with snow machine and sausage sizzle.

The Myer Christmas CD I used to purchase every year.

Sienna playing some tunes on her piano.

James playing some Christmas tunes on the piano.

Our Christmas decor around the house.

Making Christmas Yoghurt Reindeer ice blocks.

We love making these every year. Vanilla Yoghurt, berries and icing sugar.

Holiday play dates.

The story of the Candy Cane which I found very interesting.

Christmas time means Summer Holidays and day trips to the beach.

 Visit to Santa in the Shopping Centre.

Visiting the Christmas Lights at night.
 Visiting more Christmas lights.

Myer Christmas activities.

Christmas time in the city.

Christmas time in the city.

 Christmas in King George Square.

Wrapping the Christmas presents. 

Baking Gingerbread men.

Our Christmas Books.

This was a fun activity for them to dress each other up like a Christmas Tree.

This was so much fun.

Christmas fun and lights.

This is us 2011.

Christmas portraits.

Candy Canes.

Christmas morning.


  1. So many precious memories.

    Yesterday I was looking for a document in my daughter's folder, and I came across two letters I'd written for her on her first and second birthday, documenting her milestones, funny stories etc. I wrote in the second letter, that I'd been slack because it was nearly her third birthday, and I was only just getting around to writing her second birthday letter, and I promised in the letter, I'd keep writing...well I never did (probably because baby number two came along, and well we all know how busy that is) I was really remorseful that I didn't continue on with writing letters, the two I had were full of long forgotten facts and anecdotes. I was angry at myself for not having persisted in this project. We forget so much.

    Your photo's are like my words, precious records of life unfolding. What an amazing gift to give your children, and yourself.

    1. I know how you feel..we all think we will remember things, sayings. I started writing down quotes that the kids would say and I've only got one page of them and the kids will often say tell me more about what we used to say. I never wrote down any milestones, first tooth, when they spoke when they did things...the only thing I remember is they both walked around the age of 1. I think James was the week of his 1st Birthday and Sienna was the week before her first birthday. I agree that photos are just like that...preserving memories of the past.

  2. Lovely Christmas memories, Kathy. I love looking back at photographs of my younger son when Christmas was just so magical and his eyes would just be wide with wonder. Meg:)