Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Around here - Christmas Lights

What a year it's been and our Christmas Tree is finally decorated.  We popped out to see one of our favourite Streets Christmas Lights this week and took a few photos.  There was a car there completely decorated in Christmas Lights complete with a Christmas Tree on the boot.  It looked so good, completely illegal of course and the owner was in a Santa Suit - in Queensland that means red shorts vs long pants.  Sienna reminded me we had seen this car here a few years back.  Also she said that apparently it's the last year of these lights because of complaints about traffic for this particular Street.  I've seen many Christmas streets over the years and traffic and this isn't one of them.  So sad that simple pleasures comes down to complaining neighbours and given this street has about 8 houses either side of the Street do it every year it's not as if one house in the middle isn't participating.  Enough said I was glad we made it again to one of our favourite streets.


  1. We see the Brissy Christmas lights on the news at night. Surely they aren’t all being banned. I don’t drive at night so haven’t seen any lights here this year. If my grandchildren were living nearby or visiting I would make the effort though. There is Christmas Wonderland on in our Queens Park until Christmas Eve. They are usually fantastic Christmas lights.

    1. It's this particular street that is finishing up. My Landscaper has a big property and is in a small dead end street. We used to go to his place every year and it was the best and they used to do a sausage sizzle to support the kids school. After a number of years the council shut him down due to complaints - that I understand because they even had bus loads of people come to his place and his wife had a Christmas Shop so beautiful decorations and lots for the little kids to see on the property. That was our best place we would go to every year with my kids.