Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

I received a Sunshine Award from Martina who is an Irish girl living and working in the States who has a blog called "SnapShots & WhatNots".  Martina is learning about simple living, has made her first ever quilt for a friend and loves knitting.

Rules of the Sunshine Award: 
1) Display the award on your ever deserving blog
2) Say "thank you" to the wonderful person to have nominated you
3) Give us 10 interesting things about yourself
4) Nominate some of your favorite blogs
5) Link to those blogs in your post and let them know that you've nominated them!
Here's where I talk about interesting things about myself.
1.  I've been a Justice of the Peace (JP) since 1994 and this is for witnessing the signing of documents not for marrying people.
2.  When I was 21 and working in an Accounting Office we had to type up Land Tax Returns for our clients and this involved typewriters, carbon paper for the triplicate copies and bottled liquid paper if you made a mistake.  If anyone knows the Real Property Descriptions of land in Australia they are all numbers and letters and if you make a mistake you had to white out 2 copies, let them dry and try and line up the typed words again in your typewriter to continue on.  It was early days of computers and our office had a Wang Computer stand alone system (ie one person at a time) that cost $19,000 and I got sick of typing these huge A3 forms so I made a meeting with the head of the Land Tax Department in Queensland to see if we could change from doing them on the typewriter to using the computer with a base document (typed by me) and merging information (ie the client's property details, postal addresses etc.).  They agreed and in an institution like the Government this was ground breaking stuff as it had always been done on the typed forms.  This change saved our office hours of work and from that moment on the system was changed.  Not bad for a 21 year old who could see a better way of doing things and just made it happen.
3.  I started work at 15 and stayed with that company (the Accounting firm above) for 12.5 years and I got a job with a computer company and stayed with that company for 12.5 years.  I then left and had my kids.
4.  I'm the middle child of 5 children.  2 older sisters, 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother who died when he was 17 from a hit and run drunk driver.  His name is Paul.
5.  I used to have long hair as a child and wore plaits to school like Sienna does now.
6.  I love my photography and it makes me really happy photographing our lives.
7.  When I was a teenager I used to love the TV show Starsky & Hutch and the Women's Weekly had the pattern for Starsky's jumper in it so I asked my Mum to knit it for me.
8.  I tell my kids I love them on more than one occasion each day.
9.  I lived in Brisbane until I was 30 then worked in Perth for one year, and Sydney for one year with the computer company.  Moved back to Brisbane and swore I would never move away from my family again until I got married and we moved to Melbourne with work for 1 year which extended into 2 years.  James was born in Melbourne and then 8 months late moved back to Brisbane and honestly can't see myself leaving Brisbane again.
10.  I became a Life Time Member of Weight Watchers July 2004, 7 months after James was born and after having Sienna and a difficult marriage and all the aftermath that goes with it I haven't gotten back to my Life Time goal weight since then.  A couple of times I've been close but it seems like a life time away from goal right now.  I love chocolate and it's my way of coping when times are tough, when I'm happy, sad, bored or whatever.  
Thanks Martina for nominating me and now I get to nominate 3 of my favourite bloggers that I think deserve the sunshine award.
Virginia from Ock Du Spock


  1. wow! i love this little inside snippet of you! Good on you for being such a courageous 21 year old and seeing a better way of doing something that sounded so inefficient!

  2. Thanks so much Kathy! It's so nice to read a little bit more about you. You do take such wonderful photos of your family and you will always love having them.

  3. Its lovely to find out a little more about you Kathy. From one middle child to another ;-) By the way, the photo of you with your children is so beautiful and natural.

  4. Thanks so much for your nomination Kathy! I'll look into it when I get back from Thailand. Loved reading those 10 things about you, thanks for sharing xxx

  5. You are so welcome for the nomination and I love reading these little snippets about your life especially the one about the typewriters :)

  6. Thanks for nominating me, somehow my post got lost and I only just found it.