Saturday, July 25, 2015

Around Here

Around here we have just completed two weeks of Term 3 and are nearly the end of the AFL Football season.  We have been rugged up with the cold in Queensland of late and looking forward to spring.  Here's a few pics of what's been happening around here.

Sienna spotted this very faint rainbow above the next door neighbours house.

James getting ready to try out a new to me meatball recipe...the verdict from both kids was good.

Little girls are into loom bands and pretty nail polish designs.

She took me for a walk down to the creek near football this morning.

I made some Sticky Date Puddings to keep us warm this week..OMG this is so delicious.

Today's early morning game in the beautiful winter sun, a far cry from 2 weeks ago.

The beautiful sunset the other night.

The sky was just beautiful against the trees in our backyard.

Off to school camp at the Gold Coast for the week.

She had a sore throat so I was teaching her how to gargle with salty water.

Self portrait looking out my bedroom window.

Our turn to wash the jersey's.

Our family's favourite place for a wood fire BBQ and toasting marshmallows.

Winter is still here.....

Her foot was itchy so she was trying to get her shoes off quickly to scratch it.

This one is pretty good modelling for me even though she was telling me to hurry up.

There are always lots of Kookaburra's at this BBQ spot and we love hearing them.


  1. Lovely photos as always! And I love that you included a self-portrait too

  2. Stunning photos and have the kids grown again! I am glad to see winter almost over, I might be secretly counting down the days. Where is your favourite picnic spot for marshmallows?

  3. some great snaps there Kathy :) loved your backyard tree photos, stunning as is your selfie xxxx Jan