Monday, August 3, 2015

School Lunch Box Ideas

In our house it's usually sandwiches for school lunches with James having ham and Sienna having vegemite on her sandwich.  Today I made some Pizza Scrolls which will go in the freezer and I can just take one or two out to pop in their lunch boxes for a change from sandwiches.  They are super easy and don't take that long to make.

You can make any pizza dough recipe and use bread flour or plain flour however I always use bread flour with my pizza dough.  It take 5-10 minutes to sort out the dough and then leave it to rise for an hour or so before rolling it out.  I placed some glad bake (parchment paper) on the kitchen bench and put my dough on that and rolled it out flat.  I used tomato paste with herbs however I have previously used tomato sauce which was good as well.  Use whatever you have on hand is my motto with these scrolls.  I topped the dough with ham, cheese and some dried herbs today.  Roll it up and slice it using a bread knife and then lay flat on a tray and then bake them.  If you haven't tried making these before I suggest you give it a go as they are easy and tasty.  You could use any topping you like, bacon, spring onions or the old vegemite and cheese scrolls. The pizza scroll recipe is in my previous recipe post so check it out here.


  1. Looks good. Makes a nice change from sandwiches.

  2. I must make some of these for the freezer - thanks for the inspiration!! Jan x

    1. They are super easy.....

    2. I made some yesterday with some left over pizza dough from Saturday night - cheesy-mite ones - very much a hit!! Funny how we make things for ages then stop and when you are reminded you wonder why you stopped!! I made 9 decent sized scrolls for less than $2 :)