Monday, August 10, 2015

Around Here - Football Edition

Already Week 5 of Term 3 and nearly mid-August, these days are flying by.  Here's what's been happening in our lives this weekend.  Saturday afternoon we went to the Gabba to see The Brisbane Lions vs the Gold Coast Suns which is our once a year trip to the footy.  We love going to this match as our tickets are free being an AFL member and we catch the train, bus, yell and cheer and generally have fun with other members from our footy club.

A family pic with the "Lion".

Bupa handed out free "selfie" sticks so James and I had some fun with it.

Then I got the kids to hold the "Cup" and take photos.

One of Sienna with the cup which is pretty big.

Sienna trying out for a "speckie" (aka a spectacular mark)

James was picked to be in the "Guard of Honour" on the field so we were waiting until he went in.

And the "Brisbane Lions" make an entrance through the Lion complete with bursts of fire.

James doing the Guard of between the yellow and red flags.

Her 2nd game to the Gabba and loves holding up the banners.

James with his footy team mates.

The Bupa "selfie sticks" getting a work out which was loads of fun.

More "selfie stick" action.

At night at The Gabba.

Then Sunday morning James celebrated his 50th Game with the Club being our 3rd year.

He got to run through onto the field first.

Leading the way onto the field celebrating 50 games.

James in action against a tough side.

More on field action to get the ball.

Coming off field, love the dirty knees.....

Another run through first back to the change rooms. 


  1. Well done James.
    What a great time the three of you are having, getting the best out of the footy season.