Monday, March 20, 2017

Around Here

Here's what's been happening around here over the past month.

The most beautiful sunset from my back yard. No filter just beautiful Mother Nature.

Backyard views over the clothesline.

Brisbane city from Mt Cootha Lookout.

Sienna turned 11 on the 27th February.

The new bike she got for her birthday.

We still love a quick Freddo Ice Cream cake around here.

Doing tricks on his bike.

24 hours at the hospital and surgery on his finger (not related to bike tricks).  He got his finger caught in a door at school and it was pretty serious.  We got to the hospital at 11.30 am and surgery was 10.30 pm that night out of recovery at 2.00 am and back to the ward.  We were both exhausted.

A game of chess at the dining table.

Family pic for Sienna's birthday.  I can't get over how tall the kids are getting at 13 and 11.

Sienna's crafting making a bracelet with her name on it.

The finished name bracelet.

Dinner was delicious... home made crumbed chicken the healthy way


  1. Ouch! Finger in a door is never fun but that looks very serious. Hope it's healing well. It's amazing how children seem to grow so quickly. My son is getting quite tall now and delights in being almost as tall as me. Meg:)

  2. Hi Kathy, happy birthday to Sienna. Sorry to hear about the finger injury and hospital visit..hope all is well soon.

  3. Hope the finger is progressing OK. You are all looking happy and healthy.

  4. That finger will stop some bike tricks for a while. The bracelet Sienna made is great. Haha, you'll be like me soon and need to look up at your children!