Sunday, March 26, 2017

Local Farmers Markets

Three years ago this July our suburb organized our local Farmers Markets after the Residents Association had a "suggestion clothesline" where you wrote something down on a piece of paper you wanted in our suburb and then you pegged it on the clothesline.  Here is a link to the post where I talked about it back in 2014.  At the top of the list was a Farmers Market and five months after the suggestion the Farmers Markets commenced and the profits from the rent of the stall holders goes back into our local community.  I'm pleased to say that the markets are still going strong.  As it's on a Sunday we usually don't get to it that often because we have football games to attend to.  There is an area underneath the trees with tables and lots of people were sitting down having breakfast listening to the music.  Here's a couple of pics from yesterday.

I bought some tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil and roasted these in the oven and then pureed for a tasty pasta sauce.

I also made this tasty granola this week for breakfasts.

Two jars ready for the week.

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  1. I love to visit the local farmer's market on the weekends. They have many fresh delights, fruits and vegetables on display full of fresh colours which immediately grasp your attention.