Thursday, May 22, 2014

Around Here

Here's what's been happening around here this week.

Veggies are being chopped for stir fry dinners.

Messages are being left on black boards.

Little girls are doing crochet in bed by lamp light.

Afternoon pikelets are being made and consumed.

Lunch boxes and water bottles are being filled.

Electronics are being played with before and after school.

Skate parks are being visited on weekends.

Waiting it out on the sidelines at AFL until someone comes off the field.

Friends are coming home with us for a play date after school.


  1. Super photos ... I especially like the over the shoulder crochet shot - I remember sitting up in bed at that age knitting :).

  2. Your weeks looks lovely Kathy! Perfect. The magpie photo in your last post caught my eye too - reminds me SO much of my own childhood, trying to dodge the swooping magpies riding my bike to and from school around magpie season :-) Have a lovely weekend! Mel x

  3. Lovely photos - Sienna always makes me laugh (totley girl!) hee hee, I bet she is just the most fun to be around :)

    1. Yes, Sienna does crack me up and of course her spelling is not the best but I always know exactly what she is trying to write. She was writing up her science experiment this morning and it's about a can of coke and a can of diet coke and you fill up a bucket of water and put them both in and one sinks and one floats (the coke has all the sugar and sinks to the bottom) however she wrote "cock" as I had to kindly correct her before she took it to school....bless the little darling.