Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letter to Santa

You know it's Christmas time when there are Letters to Santa being done.  Sienna spent a significant amount of time on Sunday afternoon with her coloured pencils to write up her special letter to Santa.  I do know that Santa is bringing her a new bike because the bike she currently has is a hand me down, hand me down from friends which is perfectly fine for us however it is now so small for her and is really meant for a 4-5 year old not a growing 8 year old going on 9 year old.  Here is her beautiful letter to Santa complete with very cute words mis-spelt words.

James hasn't done one yet but there's plenty of time as he was busy with birthday celebrations last week and applying for the School Captain and Vice Captain for his school.


  1. That's adorable Kathy :) I really hope Santa can fulfill some of the list. Jan x

    1. On her last year's letter to Santa she put "I really really really really really really want xyz and then put but if I don't get it, that's fine too". She's adorable. Kathy

  2. Guinea pigs make great pets! I am quite partial to ours and spend just as much time with them as the kids do!