Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Around Here

Around here it is school holidays which means you don't have to be anywhere at anytime unless you organize it and we love a slow start at our place compared to the school routines.  I love making lunch at lunch time instead of in the mornings and I love hanging around the house chilling.  There have been arguments and disagreements and he said/she said and frustrating times as in any normal family but there have been some nice times, fun times, new times as well.  Here's a look a few things we have been doing this week.

Walking down to our local Dam that was only opened two weeks ago to the public.  It was a backup for drinking water however it's not used anymore as they have capacity in other Brisbane Dams and they have opened it up for swimming and canoes so we went to check it out.

What a beautiful view, it made me so happy to be so close to this.

Some nice grass, a little bit of sand and water what more could you ask for.

James on the boogie board and Sienna swimming behind out to the yellow buoys.

What a beautiful sight with the canoeists coming down steam.

On the edge of the water.

A family photo using the self timer.

A beautiful red flower on the walk back to the car.

Afternoon bike ride and I had to walk as my bike tyre has something wrong with it.

Waiting at the lights for Mummy who was very slow making her way to catch up.

The afternoon light looked beautiful on this tree and we used to have one outside my bedroom window when I was a child.

Waiting for the light change.

In the playground working over some obstacles.

A bit of rock climbing.

Another beautiful moment of the afternoon light hitting this bush.

These things are crazy, watching them and getting on them are two different things.

I made my 2nd batch of soap the other day and unfortunately the pink and blue moulds didn't work out as planned as the soap was a bit soft.  I was able to pop out the soap in the green container without any trouble.

My first sourdough loaf using Celia's Sourdough starter but I was less than impressed with my efforts and I did end up cooking this in the middle of the night due to an unexpected afternoon activity.  Back to the drawing board.


  1. Happy New Year. It looks like you've been keeping nice and busy over the holidays Kathy. I love the look of that dam too, a beautiful spot for a bit of a swim do you mind me asking where abouts it is? Soap and bread making are up on my list of things to do again this year. I love the feeling of making things like this for my family. Enjoy the rest of your week. Catherine

  2. All looks lovely Kathy. Keep at the sour dough, don't lose hope, practice makes perfect! :D Jan x

  3. That looks like a beautiful place to relax and be together - wonderful to have this within walking distance and your photos are so sharp. The bread looks great from here, I have to say!

  4. That dam looks so lovely, relaxing and clean :) I bet the kids loved it!

  5. Happy new year. Lots of lovely pics give a real feel for your time out and about with the kids.
    Some sourdoughs take longer to rise than yeast bread and the temp will also affect the result, I just read that metal bowls are not good for rising too, so I will have to go op shopping for a ceramic or crockery bowl now.
    I have one of those coolers, they are soooo good , no edge of cakes going down the large spaces on the old coolers, which also used to rust and come unwelded, I think they will last many years.

  6. Lovely summer days, the dam looks great. Looks like your having some nice family time.
    I like it slow too.

  7. Thank you so much for your reply to my question about where the dam was Kathy:) and thank you for your email today too I will get back to you soon:)

  8. Is the Enoggera dam? My inlaws live at St Johns wood and it looks familiar. looks like you have had a great day out.