Thursday, November 3, 2016

Around Here

Around here I can't say I have been doing any gardening and my veggie patch is still full of weeds.  I know it will make me happy to get into the garden but there always seems too many other things to do.  My local garden shop closed down after many many years which was very sad so now I have to go to Bunnings for my plants which it not 2 mins down the road.  I did take the kids on a BBQ and bush walk to the local historical Gold Mine on the weekend and we had fish and chips in the park for dinner on Saturday night and the kids had a play on the swings etc.  I'm so glad that my kids still love the park particularly James who is turning 13 in 3 weeks time.  Thrilled that he doesn't think swings at the park are uncool and happily gets outdoors.  This is what I want to remember about October.

Sienna setting herself up in the front hallway doing some crocheting watching a tv show on her iPad.

The sunsets lately have been pretty.

Behind our house we have a pathway of trees.

Sienna and I and the pretty leaves.

My first born....he turns 13 in 3 weeks time.

This little cow wanted to come over to see what we were doing.

Golden hour photo session with my kids.

Such pretty light and my two kids.

Sienna's art work on the table.

Afternoon sun on the washing.

Playing Uno together on the couch.

Colouring in this month has been fun.

Sienna set herself up with a drum kit using the bags of compost as a seat and rulers as drum sticks.  She makes me laugh with her creativity.

James nearly a teenager.

This pic was designed to show off her hair do which she is really into at the moment which she loves.

James and all his school friends are into "bottle flipping" at the moment so they throw the bottle up with the hope that it lands firmly on the ground and lots of times it doesn't.  Let me just say that this drives me crazy from the noise of the bottle hitting the ground when done inside our house over and over again.

Sienna jumping over the swing at the park.

The kids made these biscuits on the weekend and had lots of fun.  This is Rhonda's biscuit recipe which makes heaps of biscuits.  I make the recipe and we cook half and then I freeze the other portion to make another day.

James dressed up for Halloween this year....Sienna was off at a school Halloween Party so I don't have any photos of her this year.


  1. Looks like a lovely October...your photos are've really managed to teach your camera what to do !! Hope James has a fabulous 13th birthday... they feel so grown up when they become teenagers. :-)

  2. Hi, Kathy. Your photos are so is Sienna's hair do! And happy birthday to James when he reaches that teenage milestone. I was only looking at my "little" boy the other day (who grew a whole centimetre while I wasn't looking) and thinking that it won't be long and he'll be taller than me! I think I know the little local nursery that you mentioned and I was so sad when it closed down too because I used to love going there to get seedlings and having a chat with staff if I was needing some advice. The big hardware stores feel so impersonal to me. Enjoy your November! Meg:)

  3. Oh my, they are both growing up so fast ... It's been such a privilege to see a little bit of your lives, and glimpse a part of the world I may never visit. I've always admired the wholesomeness of what you all do (huge kudos to you, Kathy). Siena cracks me up every time with her quirky creative originality, and James is such a handsome, thoughtful looking young man. Wishing him all good,things for his teenage birthday!

    1. Thank you Alexa for your kind words and always popping in to leave such lovely comments as they mean a lot to me.