Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Around Here

Around here we are back at football after James has recovered from his finger surgery.  Sienna has started up in the girls team and had their first game on Friday night and she did really well and I was very impressed.  Our one chicken has been moulting and I haven't had any eggs for ages until today- YEH.  I have been making lots of new healthy recipes which we are enjoying.  We've been on bush walks had BBQ's and getting out there and enjoying nature.  It's getting dark now by 5 pm so it's nice to be snug inside the house.  The Autumn whether has been amazing.  Here's a few photos.

Chicken Curry for dinner.

Bush walk at our local.

Walking around the dam.

We spotted 6 of these turtles which were quite big...about dinner plate size.

At the edge of the water.

Pretty flowers in the Autumn light.

AFL girls team first game Sienna getting a mark.

Off to AFL training.

My new favourite family pic taken on Anzac Day.

Always trying to capture him with his "natural" smile.

Visiting the local Anzac Memorial on Anzac afternoon.

Word puzzles over Easter.

Thanks to Nanny & Pop who always sends some $$ to buy a Chocolate Lindt Bunny for Easter.


  1. Nice! All of a sudden, they seem to have grown up so much... Melindi

    1. I now I can't quite believe it myself James eyes are now on the same level as mine.....somehow when you are a parent and your kids are little it seems natural..when they are the same height at 13 it's quite strange. Sienna is getting up there as well. Can't stop them from growing.

  2. You take such lovely photo's. I'd be proud of that family shot too, the love and happiness shines through.

    1. Thanks Cheryl...I try and get in a photo at least once or twice a month with my kids to go in my Photo Book. The 52 Project where you take a photo of each of your kids once a week for a year so you end up with 52 photos of each child and at the back I put about 25 or so photos of the 3 of us. That's my favourite for 2017 so far.

  3. How lovely to be out in nature with your children, Kathy. Must take my boy for a walk around that dam soon! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Meg:)

    1. Meg it took us 1.5 hours to do the walk we did....I think there is a 5hr one all the way around. It's so beautiful and I love that the walk is mostly in the shade too. You should do lovely.