Monday, March 26, 2018

Timeless photos

These days with digital photography and mobile phones so many photo get taken and posted socially however not a lot of these get printed.  I have just received my Week in the Life Photo book for 2017 from Blurb which I have previously written about before.  Getting photos off your computer takes time and money however when you have a book that you can touch or feel it makes all the difference to your family's history.

Another thing I love is black and white photos as they can have a nostalgic and timeless feel to them.  I was looking through our suburbs Historical Society website recently as the council provided a grant for the website and lost of history and photos have been added to this.  Looking through the old photos of our suburb with horse and carriages at two well know locations in our suburb just screams of a place and a time.  I thought I would share some of my favourite black and white photos of my own.

Mummy cuddles.

Views of Samford Valley

Before school.

Dayboro Bakery for lunch.

Beach walks at Bribie Island.

This one is always smiling.

Off to school.

Love close up face shots and those stunning eyes of hers.

Making dumplings together.

Visiting the Museum of Brisbane via the lift which conveniently had a mirror.

Those homework feels.

Doing some cooking.

Indoor portraits of this cheeky girl.

Don't you wear gloves when eating crumpets with honey so you don't get sticky hands?

Love that smile.

Old radio style at the Museum of Brisbane.


  1. Such gorgeous photos, Kathy. I have three black and white photos of our boy, when he was so tiny, and I treasure them. They hang in simple frames above our bed. Meg:)

  2. Kathy I take my hat off to you. After reading your blog for years, and virtually seeing your children grow up, I get a real sense of who you are, I know you are raising your kids alone, and I just want to say you are doing a fantastic job. It is evident in the photo's you take, the places you go, the smiles on all your faces, and the ordinary moments. I hope you know just what a great job you are doing, and what a blessing you are to your children.

    1. Cheryl thank you so much for those kind and thoughtful words I really appreciate you taking the time to say that. We may not have a fancy car, go on holidays or have loads of money but we do have a family full of love and good values. xxxx