Friday, July 20, 2018

Day in the Life - Brisbane Family Photographer

As you know I'm a huge fan of documenting our ordinary everyday lives.  Everyone documents special events, Easter, Birthdays, First day of School, Christmas and holidays however most people don't pay that much attention to the everyday things that happen at home which over time because treasured memories.  When you look at a photo of a family eating breakfast in their home you can tell by the clothes and the style of the kitchen which era it was taken in.  Wallpaper was a big hit in the 70's as was orange and brown kitchens. I can't even think this was fashion, however it was in the 1970's.

If you have recently watched the TV show on the ABC "Back in time for Dinner" it is truly a trip down memory lane of decor, style, food and inventions.  Right now, looking back, it's easy to see this however when you are in it, the everyday you think these things are no big deal and it's normal life.  If you haven't watched this series I can highly recommend it.

Documenting my "Week in the Life" for the past 10 years is very similar in that it's a snapshot of how we live our life in any given year.  These memories will become more nostalgic with time.

I have loved photography since I was 17 years old when I bought my first Canon AE-1 film camera and spent 6 weeks wages to buy it.  Similar to "Week in the Life" is "Day in the Life" where you document a snapshot of your day.  I had the pleasure of photographing Kelley and her kids for a Day in the Life session before her family packed up to move to Cairns for 2 years.  Here's a link to my photography page with a blog post of some of the pictures taken that day.  Click on the "read more" of the first post.

Don't you love the dog with it's back to the camera. I love this photo the most because lets face it, it's real life with pets and children.

There you go...such a good model and is facing the camera with Kelley, Em and Oscar.

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