Monday, July 23, 2018

Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens for a wander around.  I haven't been there for about a year and it's such a nice place to look at the different trees, ferns, flowers, veggie patch and the beautiful Japanese Gardens.  The Gardens close at 5.00 pm and I will tell you that we were locked in at 5.10 pm and couldn't get out which is another story.  The entrance is being renovated so we went through the cafe and that shut at 5.00 pm.  It took a little while before one of the staff heard us and got a key to unlock the door so we could get out.  It all added to the excitement of our walk around the gardens.  We only saw half of it because we ran out of time so we will go back another day.  Here's a few pics from our afternoon.  The statues in the first pic are "The Butterfly Catchers" which were part of World Expo 88 in Brisbane.


  1. Beautiful photos, Kathy! I love these gardens, the Japanese garden in particular is such a favourite of mine. Meg:)

    1. Yes, Sienna wanted to go straight to the Japanese Gardens too.