Saturday, September 29, 2018

Around Here

It's school holidays here in Queensland and we are having a nice and easy week.  We went to see Johnny English at the movies, hanging around in our pj's, baking and basically chilling out.  Here's a few pics for you.

This girl of mine is always smiling.....

This is the "pullback shot" of the pic I took above.  She was leaning over the fence.
Below "what you see" and above pic "what I see".

Love your big kids....

Trying to squeeze in the frame with my camera rested on some rocks for a family pic.

Pretty afternoon light.

We met this horse on our afternoon bush walk.

Our new budgie Charlie.

He's still only a baby.

Sienna giving him some love.

Kelley's amazing "Day in the Life" Album arrived.

Leather cover, thick pages and a special coating on the pages to protect them from accidental spills.

Kelley and her cute kids giving her a kiss and cuddle.

Oh no...sometimes I feel the same way when my spaghetti falls off my fork too Em.

Another double page spread of Oscar feeding his metal bird and Kelley showing Em a funny video.

I had the pleasure of taking some photos of a local High School Senior for her formal last week.  She has had a difficult year due to heath issues and she was glowing with excitement getting ready.

Caitlin wore a beautiful navy jump suit with a blush pink belt and shoes.  

All dressed up ready for the senior formal.


  1. Such beautiful photos, Kathy. Many happy memories to treasure! Meg:)

  2. Your young ones just look so mature, and loving! They do you such credit. It has been one of my most favourite things about being in blog world - seeing you and your family continue to blossom.

    1. Thanks Alexa I miss a lot of blogs as a lot of people transitioned to IG. It's funny when you realize how long you have been following people. Elise Joy in the USA into paper crafts and DIY her wedding, now she has 2 kids and you follow their journey and you think of of a sudden...OMG that was 7 years ago when I started reading her blog. Thanks for always popping in and leaving such lovely comments. I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up myself.