Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Around here - Christmas Lights

Today is the 1st December, 2020 and that means the Christmas Lights on the houses are up and we can go out at night time to see the pretty lights.  I have been taking my kids to see the Christmas Lights since they were 2 and 4 years old and the 4 year old just had his 17th Birthday so a long time.  We still love going and looking at the Christmas Lights as it gets you into the festive spirit.  My sister also made our family Christmas Cake today and I sat with her and kept her company while she made it.

I remember some of the early days with the kids I found some great houses to go to.  One had a fake snow machine OMG the kids loved that one running in and out and under the snow.  Sadly the next year the house didn't do that again as I guess it got very popular and maybe didn't expect that many visitors each night.  We also went to a house in our current suburb where we went down the side of the house down hill and around the back of the house they had a window display...the kids didn't want to leave.  Over the years we've been to some wonderful light displays and we find a few more each year.  Here's some pretty photos from our regular first night seeing the lights as it's in a street not far from our house and there's about 6 houses either side of the street that all do it every year.


  1. Oh my goodness, these are amazing ... I've not seen any displays as huge as these over here. How wonderful that you have a tradition of going out together as a family :).

    1. Thanks Alexa not long until Christmas now..

  2. Beautiful photos, Kathy. I really love twinkling colours at night. MegXx

  3. Seeing the lights are always fun...people can be so creative! Our son just turned 17 too, and we do the same thing...since the kids were little, we make hot chocolate, get in the car and drive around looking for light displays. The one with fake snow would have been amazing! This year, we all need that extra burst of fun. Mary