Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Around Here - Sourdough Book

The other day I posted about my success in making an amazing sourdough bread that I loved the look and taste of after finding Elaine on Instagram.

Two things I ordered after finding Elaine Boddy's website was her book called "Wholegrain Sourdough at Home" which arrived today and I can't wait to try out some of these recipes.  I ordered the book on Amazon Australia on Saturday night and it arrived today Wednesday.  

The other thing I ordered for my sourdough bread was a bread knife.  Elaine recommends a good quality bread knife called an "Appalachian Bow Saw".  She is in the UK so naturally purchased her hand made Appalachian Bow Saw over there.

I googled what I could find in Australia and actually found a local supplier of hand made quality products.  It's a family business called Timbo's Shop and there were four available Bow Bread Knives to choose from.  American Walnut, American White Oak, Maple and Sydney Blue Gum.  Naturally I had to go for the Sydney Blue Gum and it arrived today and it OMG it smells amazing, just like the bush.  The black saw blade is a bit hard to see in the photo below however it stretches between those two silver screws on the top side of the timber.  The blade comes with a safe guard plastic to cover it while it's not in use.

My next sourdough loaf is in the fridge proving for baking tonight so I can't wait to try this wonderful handmade knife out.  I was also so thrilled that I could buy it in Australia and also support a small family business in Brisbane.  That was equally as rewarding as finding the knife.  Are you going to attempt to make Elaine's Sourdough Recipe I can highly recommend her process.


  1. That knife looks incredible.
    My last comment had a typo - hate those!

    1. Thanks, the timber smells beautiful and handmade, so special.