Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Documenting our Veggie Growing in a Photo Book

Our little veggie garden took off and we had lots of fresh things to eat from our two little veggie plots.  An amazing amount of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers (that was exciting growing those), lettuce, wombok, corriander, spring onions, thai basil although I must admit I never ended up cooking with it as my kids tastes were fairly basic at the time but I'm sure it would be okay to grow now they are older.  Nothing made me more happier than walking out to the garden getting some lettuce, capsicum, corriander, tomato and cucumber from the garden for my lunch.  A good friend of mine has a sandwich I made for her etched in her memory how wonderful it tasted and most of it came from the garden.  As I mentioned yesterday my life was highly stressful on so many fronts but collecting veggies from the garden made me happy on the inside and out and gave me a great sense of satisfaction and was great therapy for me.  I wanted to remember all the things we grew in our first season so I put together a little Photo Book of our harvests which gives me great pleasure looking through these photos.  I also remember I made quiche and salad for dinner one night and invited my sister around and everything on the plate came from our backyard minus the filo pastry but it was enormously satisfying and tasted amazing.  Here's some pictures of our little photo book which I did through Paper Coterie.

Above - I did a "mock" gardening magazine cover of our garden when I was trying to learn photoshop


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  1. What a stunning book - lovely to see those big photos and I am a fan of spiral binding. I m sure your family will treasure it.