Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rhonda's Homemade Biscuits

Last week I was going to make Rhonda's home made biscuits and I bought the ingredients and half way home from the shops realized I forgot to buy the condensed milk so I didn't end up making them.  Fast forward a week and today I decided to give them a go.  The recipe was posted on Rhonda's blog last week so I set the Ipad up with Rhonda's post and got to work.

I made the whole mixture and then put half of the mixture in the freezer for next time as per Rhonda's instructions.  I made jam drop and chocolate chip biscuits using chocolate mini's for the chocolate chips. I have to say the biscuits are lovely and the wholemeal flour gives the biscuits a nice texture.  My son loves all home made biscuits but my daughter doesn't eat the standard home made recipe but she loved these which is good because it's what's going in their afternoon tea container for school.

I usually freeze my biscuits in a Tupperware container using "freezer in-between" after each layer of biscuits so the biscuits don't stick together.  This recipe will definitely be used again and the kids agreed that it was a good one and to quote my 9 year old son James "I love home baking".  They both know that home made things are better because they don't have chemicals in them and they taste great.  

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  1. For future reference, Rhonda has a sweetened condensed milk recipe (to substitute for a can of it). Works brilliantly. Cookies look lovely, btw. I do enjoy making her recipe.