Saturday, December 14, 2013

Apple Slice Recipe

This recipe comes from my Mother In Law who I have always admired as a cook.  I remember she whipped this up a few years ago when she was staying with us and it was just delicious and even though I've had the recipe I haven't actually made it, that is until last night.  It's actually a nice cold slice however you could warm it up I guess if you wanted to but served with a little bit of double cream for morning or afternoon tea you won't regret having a go at this one.


125 gms Butter
125 gms Castor Sugar
1 Egg
1/2 Cup of Desiccated Coconut
250 gms Self Raising Flour
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
1 Large 800 gms Can Pie Apple (or cook yourself)
300 gms of Sour Cream
3 Teaspoons Castor Sugar (Extra for topping)
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon (for topping)

Turn Oven on to 180 degrees.

Line a slice tin with baking paper (parchment in the USA) and leave extra over the sides of the tin so that when the slice is cooked you can take the whole thing out easily.

Note:  I use the Jamie Oliver method of scrunching the baking paper up and put it under running water and then squeeze and/or shake the excess water off the paper.  This way you can easily put your piece of paper in the tin and it will sit where you put it vs. the stiff paper that comes out of the box.  I love this method.

Beat the butter and sugar together in a mixmaster until smooth.
Add egg into the butter/sugar mix and beat together.
Add the coconut and vanilla essence and mix.
Fold in SR Flour to the above mix.
Press this mixture into the lined slice tin (see above note). I just used my fingers to press it down in the tin and make sure it reached out to the sides.
Bake this in the preheated oven for 10 minutes only.

**** While the base is cooking****

Open your tin of pie apples (or you can use your own apples) and get a large knife and chop crosswise through the pieces while the apple is still in the tin.  I sliced it about 3-4 times and then turned the tin around and did it again.  What you get is small apple pieces for your slice without having to empty the tin and cut them individually.

Get your extra 3 teaspoons of castor sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in a little bowl and mix together with a teaspoon ready to be sprinkled on the slice.

**** 10 minutes has past now so get the base out of the oven ***

Your base should be a little cooked and soft but has also risen in the tin.  Carefully take the hot tray out of the oven and drop the slice tin on a board or something heatproof a couple of times until your base has sunk.  I only dropped it from a level about 6 or so cms or 1.5 inches.  It's just so the cake base sinks a little and you can then go and put your apple filling and topping on top.  We are not dropping it from a great height.

Take your tin of cut through pie apples and spread it out over the entire base of the slice.  Once you have got that looking nice and smooth and/or even, pour your Sour Cream on top of the slice and spread that out until smooth.

Topping Time - sprinkle the mix of sugar/cinnamon over the top of the entire slice and place back into the oven for a further 25 minutes.

Once out of the oven, I let the slice cool down after it was cooked and then I placed it into the fridge overnight and cut it this morning.  I did it this way because we were having morning tea today and as the slice had been in the fridge all night it's really easy to cut and tastes amazing.  

I served the slice on a plate with some double cream and a little cake fork is easy to eat it with.  Totally delicious and with a nice cuppa there is nothing better.  The slice is great just cold or room temperature.

Let me know if you make and what you think of it.

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  1. Woah i absolutely love the layered apple bread. it looks so moist and soft that i actually want to try this out asap and see how great it feels on the taste buds.