Friday, December 13, 2013

Presents from Canada

I was lucky enough to be the winner of a lovely "Crochet" book by leaving a comment on Julie's blog in Canada.  I never win things so I was in complete shock when I got an email from Julie a couple of weeks ago.  The package arrived while we were away at the beach so this afternoon we went to the Post Office to collect the parcel.  When we arrived home and opened the package, not only did the book arrive but a lovely card from Julie and various other wonderful gifts which the kids and I had fun opening.  I got to open the Crochet Book and the kids opened the rest of the little gifts between them.  Lovely stationery with a K on it, a yummy chocolate for me and no sharing with the kids and by the way it's been eaten now.  A lovely metal Christmas Tree Ornament and some lovely cupcake wrappers.  Julie, the gifts were lovely and it made our afternoon so I had to take a few photos to record the special gifts all the way from Canada.

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